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Faq ?

1- Who is the largest Dates Producer in the world ?
> Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaDSC_0033

2- Who is the largest Dates producer in Saudi Arabia ?

> Kingdom Dates Farms and Factories

3- How many farms Kingdom Dates has?

> 6 farms

4- How many Palm trees there are in Kingdom Dates farms?
> 128,000 tree

5- What is the Saudi market’s share from worldwide Dates production?

> Approximate 20%

6- What is the Kingdom Dates share from the Saudi market?
> 10%

7- What’s making Kingdom Dates different then others?
> Kingdom Dates has the highest quality dates, and working hard to be the 1st Organic dates producer in the middle east.

8- How many items dose Kingdom Dates have?
> more then 300 items

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