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Marketing Strategy

Kingdom Dates has an important objective to popularize and preserve the socio-cultural and commercial value of Dates of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the world and to achieve the vision and the directions of the Saudi Government in modernizing the dates Manufacturing Industry to meet the new international food industry standards and to reflect the future of the Saudi industry Worldwide.
Kingdom Dates has carried out complete feasibility studies to examine the best possible ways to achieve the company’s aim to introduce the best quality of dates to all markets.
Kingdom Dates has a comprehensive plan to achieve its objective:

- Sorting different types and sizes of dates,
- Cleaning and separation dates to assure their highest quality,
- Processing of dates in different sections,
- A complete control on processing sections,
- Testing and packaging system , making use of the latest technology,
- Training scheme of staff, thus allowing them to be constantly updated on new approaches in the industry.
- A Quality Assurance scheme in place. The Quality Inspection is one of the most crucial stages for ensuring production quality. Quality inspectors ensure that all products are thoroughly checked from all aspects.

A complete section for packaging dates which provides a wide range of fancy and multipurpose packaging that is ideal for industrial and preservation purposes.
The company’s various departments work closely together to deliver customer preferences and stay ahead of the competition. It draws upon its international contacts to ensure the most appropriate design of all product programs, including packaging artwork, nutritional information and product formulation.

The company continues its innovative marketing of dates’ products in its markets by introducing such new products as processed dates, pastries, cakes and Eastern and European desserts.

The company’s sales force consists of 10 direct sales representatives supported by sales agents outside of the Kingdom.

Kingdom Dates products are high proportion of the local and global market for dates, And Its operations outside the Kingdom comprise approximately 20 percent of the company’s sales


Markets Coverage:

The Kingdom Dates Company has a wide coverage of markets both inside and outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its operations outside the Kingdom consist of approximately 20 percent of the company’s sales.

The Company relies on several regional distribution centers, two warehouses and a large transportation fleet serving its outlets kingdom wide. Currently, it has achieved more than 30 percent of the Saudi Arabian market share.

Kingdom Dates is available in a remarkable range of delicious and healthy date products in attractive packaging, in almost every reputable hyper markets and shopping malls throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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