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Our Farms Location

Farm :

The company’s own farm is located in Al-Qassim at 350 kilometers outside of Saudi Arabia’s capital city of Riyadh. The farm is 35 hectares in size with several hundreds of selected, Quality Dates Palms in our six farms which is located in different places in Al-Qassim State.
Those Farms Are, Kingdom Dates Farm , Salehia Farm , Azizia Farm , Wahabia Farm , Al Qasar Farm ,Rahmania Farm

1- Kingdom Dates Farm

Kingdom Dates farm Located in Al-Qassim, Al-Badaya – Dheema Road.
There are 14 different and better kinds of palms Trees are : Yellow Majdool,Sukkary,
Red Sukkary,Rothana Qassim,Nabtah Saif,Nabtah Sultan,Khalas,Ajwa Al-Madina,Dajlat Nour,Berhi,Sagai,Khudri.


2- Salehiya Farm

Salehiya Farm located in Al-Qassim,Al-Badaya, Dheema Road.
The total area : ( 908.600) m2
In this Farm there are four different & better kinds of the palm trees available.
There Are : Majdoul, Berhi, Nabtah Saif, Rothana Al-Qassim.


3- Al-Aziziya Farm

Al-Aziziya Farm located in Dheema Road, Al-Qassim Al-Badaya.
The total Area (13.000.000 ) m2 there are four main kinds of palm trees available in this farm.
Those are : Majdoul , Sagai , Khalas,Al-phaul.


4- Al-Gasser Farm

This farm Located in Al-Qassim, Buraidah in western Region.
The total area : 57.000 m2
The kinds of palms Trees are : Sukkary, Rothana, Majdoul, Khalas & Majdoul


5- Al-Wahabiya Farm

This farm Located in Al-Qassim, Buraidah in western Region.
The total area : ( 2.100.000) m2 .
There are 14 better & different kinds of the palm Trees available in this farm, Those are Sukkary,Nabtah Saif ,Berhi, Rothana,Nabtah Ali, Khalas, Maktoomi, shaqra, Sabakah, Phool etc.


6- Al-Rahmaniya Farm

This Farm Located in Al Fawailiq region and total area about (1.205.000) m2,
There are in it 10 different & better kinds of the palm tees.
Different verities are : Sukkary, Berhi,Wannana,Rashodiya, Red Sukkary,Sabakah,Phool etc


Varieties Produced :

The farm maintains a nursery to carefully select only the highest quality dates trees, which results in the production of adult trees that produce only the healthiest of fruits.

The hundreds of dates palms are carefully inspected on a regular basis for the protection of the fruits from birds and infestation. The trained farm team first ensures the quality fruits during harvesting and then begins the process of sorting, grading, fumigating and cleaning of dates prior to transportation to its manufacturing facilities.

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